Scorpions Softball is back!

Updated: May 24, 2022

That’s right… Scorpions Softball is making a comeback for Summer 2022!

Regardless of your experience or fitness levels, softball is a very inclusive sport and the atmosphere here at Scorpions Baseball is friendly and inclusive. All equipment is provided and we are open to anyone aged 14 years and above.
Training sessions are flexible and you can train at your own pace! Starting with a gentle warm up, then onto some light throwing and batting practice and rounding off the session with a scrimmage game.
With free taster sessions, what do you have to loose?


Why Should You Join the Scorpions Softball League?

The perks of joining a team are endless!

First, there are the obvious reason… Its enjoyable! There’s nothing more fun than playing a game of catch and having a chat with your teammates.

Second, it’s easy to jump in. The game is similar in many ways to rounders, but even though the rules and plays are different, they are easy to pick up.   The only thing players really need to succeed is a positive attitude and a good pair of sports shoes!

What are the benefits?

There is also the active component of the sport. An average softball player burns around 300 calories per hour of play. The sport also provides total body conditioning. When you run, throw, and swing you are using multiple muscles which all add up to a healthy fitness routine..

Softball also promotes community, which is often a rare thing to find. Adult life can be hard for many people. Between family and work and dealing with your own personal issues, it can sometimes feel impossible to find time to make and build new friendships. Members of softball teams not only learn to trust and rely upon each other in the field, they often form lasting friendships outside of it. The perks of being in a team include an increase in happiness, self-esteem, and mental function.

How Do I Get Involved?

That’s simple… put on your playing out shoes, fill up a bottle of water and come down to the ground and give it a go. You can register your interest here 

The first three sessions are free and after that we ask you to register with the club to cover insurances, equipment and ground maintenance. We have a range of membership packages available. Click here for more details.