Reece Johnson #27

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Position: Catcher/Shortstop/Pitcher

Squad Number:  27

Nickname: Trigger

Career Highlights

Current AAA regular. Hitting a walk off against the Liverpool Trojans in 2014 season.

Season Aims

It was to lead the league in Average or On Base Percentage but the league has kind of fallen off, now it’s to work on fundamentals and push for an opportunity to be part of the Great Britain set up.

Most embarrassing moment on a baseball diamond

Been fortunate not to have many of them moments (yet), but dropping a fly ball to centre field in the Finals didn’t help

How did you become a Scorpion?

Got introduced to it buy some guy called Dan Parker.

Favourite Sporting Event: Game 7 NBA Finals

Favourite ball player growing up: Mike Trout, Alderlton Simmonds

If you had to be a team mate for a week, who would it be? Ronnie or Alton Burton, to have the chance to play University Baseball in America

Funniest Team mate(s)? Gavin Marshall or Dan Parker

Least like to be trapped in a lift with? Wiltshire, reckon he’s got it in for me since I’ve taken shortstop off him.

Describe yourself in one word: Alright

Miscellaneous Information

Reece is a current student at Leeds Beckett University. He is part of the Scorpions coaching team developing the sport in local schools.