Paul Reading #42

paul reading pic

Position: Outfielder/3rd Base

Squad Number: 42

Nickname: Lord Lucan

Career Highlights

Paul is a National Junior and Senior champion, winning various trophies in a career spanning 40 years. Batter of the year 1974. Represented the Great Britain Senior Team.

Season Aims

To contribute to a successful season for the team.

Most embarrassing moment on a baseball diamond

Too many to think of.

How did you become a Scorpion?

Rekindled old friendships and the bug re surfaced. Playing for 40 years, the bug doesn’t go away easily.

Favourite Sporting Event: Juventus in the Champions League Final or FA Cup with Hull City

Favourite ball player growing up: More interested in playing.

If you had to be a team mate for a week, who would it be? One of the youngsters, so I can remember what it feels like not to ache or be in pain.

Funniest Team mate? Frank Parker

Least like to be trapped in a lift with? Frank Parker (its a space issue)

Describe yourself in one word: Determined

Miscellaneous Information

Paul enjoys pasta and listening to punk music. He also enjoys bands such as The Stone Roses, Charlatans, Echo and the Bunnymen, Radiohead. Also a bit of Northern Soul and Frank Sinatra.