Matt Rollison #34

rollison field

Position: Outfielder

Squad Number:  34

Nickname: ??

Career Highlights

Former university softballer. Led MMUC Eagles to Most Improved Team 2015. Taking them to a fully recognised Manchester Metropolitan sports team.

Season Aims

To be a regular member of the AAA squad and help promote baseball and softball in East Yorkshire within school, companies  and the community. And to hit  a decent line drive or two.

Most embarrassing moment on a baseball diamond

Falling over the outfield fence during debut against Liverpool.

How did you become a Scorpion?

After a taste of baseball working in the US, played softball at university and came home to find a team on the doorstep.

Favourite Sporting Event: Rugby 6 Nations

Favourite ball player growing up: Never followed baseball as a kid, have seen 2 live MLB games. Now a fan of outfielder Mike Trout.

If you had to be a team mate for a week, who would it be? Dave Newgass

Funniest Team mate(s)? Andy Wiltshire

Least like to be trapped in a lift with? After only one month with the team…only time will tell.

Describe yourself in one word: Commited

Miscellaneous Information

Matt has a degree in Contemporary Theatre and Performance. Enjoys all food that is dished out, a good game of squash and a handy drummer, guitarist and vocalist.