Gavin Marshall #32


Position: Pitcher/Catcher/Head Coach

Squad Number:  32

Nickname: G-diddy

Career Highlights

Gavin was the first born and bred British player to play professional baseball in the United States. He has represented the Great Britain Junior Squads in ‘B’ pool and ‘A’ pool tournaments, most recently in 2014 in Germany and the Czech Republic.

Season Aims

Coach and manage the Scorpions to another AAA Northern title and to go one further this year by clinching the National AAA title.

Most embarrassing moment on a baseball diamond

Tripping over going for a routine groundball, making a routine play, representing Great Britain in La Rochelle.

How did you become a Scorpion?

Returned to baseball as I wanted to help put Hull back on the baseballing map and leave a foundation for the future.

Favourite Sporting Event: Superbowl

Favourite ball player growing up: Nolan Ryan

If you had to be a team mate for a week, who would it be? Reece Johnson, to experience life through those eyes.

Funniest Team mate? Reece Johnson

Least like to be trapped in a lift with? Reece Johnson

Describe yourself in one word: Intense

Miscellaneous Information

Gavin enjoys any food that is cooked for him and can be found listening to his favourite music- Old Skool Rap.