CD Marshall #66

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Position: 3rd Base

Squad Number:  66

Nickname: CD

Career Highlights

Former Great Britain Junior. Represented Great Britain in Japan. 2004 Junior at Michigan State.

Season Aims

To successfully defend the AAA Northern Title and go one better and take the National title. Further promote baseball and softball in Hull primary schools.

Most embarrassing moment on a baseball diamond

I fall over at least once a game, so… be continued.

How did you become a Scorpion?

3rd generation baseballer, have played for Hull teams since the age of 6. Life wouldn’t be the same without baseball on a summer weekend and I can’t miss the oppertunity to sing Bohemian Rhapsody with Andy Maltby on the minibus.

Favourite Sporting Event: Gameday

Favourite ball player growing up: I enjoyed watching the local players from Hull Giants, Humberside Mets, Hull Royals and Hull Warriors. Many good talents through different times in different positions. All bring back great memories.

If you had to be a team mate for a week, who would it be? Andy Wiltshire, so I could handle my drinking for once.

Funniest Team mate(s)? Ben Parker – like father like son. Keith Nettleton – dry sense of humour. Andy Maltby – car singing

Least like to be trapped in a lift with? Dan Parker – its a breaking wind issue and especially if he brings his saveloys.

Describe yourself in one word: Entertaining

Miscellaneous Information

CD enjoys singing, with his band and DJing. He can be found listening to all types of music but especially Queen.