The Scorpions AA’s

Welcome to The Hull Scorpions AA  squad.

Competing in the Northern Baseball League AA league, the young team are ready to play their 2nd season of baseball under head coach Gavin Marshall. Most of the players played throughout last year however there are some new players who will be playing this year.

Last year the coaches were offered a trophy and a voucher to use at The Lambwath  Stonehouse restaurant for the player of the day. We send our thanks to Lambwath and we will be displaying the winner of the trophy on this page weekly when the baseball season starts. This acted as an incentive to the players and boosted their confidence and hopefully will do the same in 2018.


Click to meet your Scorpion players

Gavin Marshall
Darren Cross
Ben Parker
Mark Storey
Neil Read
Barry Marshall
Grant Douglas
Addi little
Alex Corsa
Bryce Marshall
Cameron Donnelly
Cameron Wilkinson
Jamie Cross
Roxanne Keenan
Sam Cook
Sam Read
Tom Read
Elias Lindbeck