Schools Programme

This is our second year of going into a certain number of primary schools to deliver our knowledge and understanding of the game baseball. For the second year we have provided fun and enjoyable 6 week blocks of lessons, we have also hosted a fun tournament at our own ground were we provided each school team with 4 games of baseball, a trophy for the winners and a scorpions cap and wristband to the player who gave the best effort on each of the school team.

We do this in order to show awareness of this game our club enjoys so much. we know from the reactions of the schools that it is very enjoyable and once we have finished the the 6 week block of lessons many students end up coming and joining the junior baseball team.

Our coaches are qualified and have passed the safeguarding courses in order to work alongside teachers, teaching assistants, sports coaches and other partners to deliver these sessions inside the school environment or at our facility Purex Field.

If you would like us to deliver such sessions at your establishment or are interested in any way, please contact a member of the club (contact information is located on the get involved page).

The schools we are currently going in are:

Griffen primary school

Thanet primary school

Mountbatten primary school

Ings primary schhol