Batter Up! Company Softball Days

If you always fancied hitting a home run or striking out your work colleagues then let us organise a Scorpions Softball event for your company.

Co-ed slowpitch softball is a recreational, social and enjoyable game that’s easy to learn and play, even for people who are not “athletes” or don’t have much experience of team sports and as such is perfect for you and your work colleagues to enjoy.

It’s a lot like baseball in terms of the rules, but because the ball is pitched slowly to each batter (as the name implies!), it’s easy to hit the ball and succeed at the sport’s central skill.  The fact that men and women play together in the same team and on an equal level gives the sport a social buzz.

Whether you would like a full day softball tournament or an afternoon or evening event we can meet your requirements.

scorpion field

Basic package includes:

Tournament hosted at Scorpion Field in Hull

Coaching clinic

Scorpion coach assigned to each team

Trophy for each teams Most Valuable Player

Added value package includes:

Scorpion cap for every player

Catering arrangements

For further information call 07802 724223 or email