Field of dreams in reverse

Updated: June 30, 2018

On Thursday the 7th of June something magical to British Baseball happened, and it looked like this:

I can only describe it as the reverse of field of dreams, the school tournament that involved 5 teams of 15 were leaving along with parents and teachers. The single A; the triple A and the softball team were also coming to the field creating a view of almost tonnes of people visiting and leaving our field.

In field of dreams the ending scene shows tonnes of people coming to see the newly made baseball field however in our case the tonnes of people were leaving into the sunset from our field of dreams. Back in the start of January of 2016 we started on our field of dreams, Aldermen Kneeshaw, and since we have started we’ve come a long long way. since we moved there we have now built a permanent back stop, enclosed outfield fence and foul lines, dugouts and shale bases even a bullpen. it is by far the best facility in the north and is even closing the great Farnam park down south the current best field in the UK.

so this has shown how far we have come and how used and well built our Hull Scorpions field has become. We would like to thank all our ground workers and all the people that have helped build on, cater for, played on, watched at our facilities. with this i will leave you with… 


If you build it, they will come

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