AA take a split game from Manchester A’s

Updated: June 8, 2017

Sunday 4th June

Scorpions Vs Manchester A’s


Game one: 14 runs to 10 (win)

Game two: 2 runs to 7     (loss)

A successful day for the Scorpions as they travelled travel to Manchester to take on the A’s


In Game 1, Addi Little took to mound backed by a team of surprising strength, agility, keenness and experience with a few players finding themselves in new positions. Bryce Marshall occupied Centre Field whilst Alex Corser settled on Third base, but their determination, and willingness to learn has given the team a new depth. Little pulled out all the stops on the mound, surpassing all other past appearances for the team. His strike rate and delivery was of a high percentage which took his pitch count into the 7th innings. Gavin Marshall relieved Little to strike out the 2 remaining batters for a well deserved win.

The outfielders Cameron Wilkinson and Bryce Marshall executed great catches at key points in the game to keep the teams heads high and pressure firmly on the A’s


Game 2 was extremely close over the first few innings with Gavin Marshall pitching to Alex Corser who was back into his catching position. Experience and a learning curve was the intension of this partnership. By giving Corser the speed and movement of a ball from an experienced pitcher, to which he should be very proud.

Bryce Marshall came on to relieve G Marshall and initially gave Manchester ‘A’ a stumbling block over the pitching speed.

They finally got their timing and pulled away from Scorpions to take the game 7-2 in the seventh.

Strong fielding was on display throught both games, in particular during the 7th when Litte pulled off a nice catch at shortstop and Roxanne Keenan -who had a quiet time in Left Field – took a great catch from the only fly sent her way to keep the game tight towards the end of the game.


The coaching staff were extremely proud of the performance of the whole team and it was evident that the hard work during training was being executed on the playing surface.

The team spirit, moral and gamesmanship was to the highest standard during both games. Not only was it recognised by the Scorpion coaches and parents, but by the Manchester ‘A’s and the Umpire who thanked you all for an enjoyable game to oversee.


A big thankyou to Manchester ‘A’s for their hospitality and sportsmanship throughout the two games and look forward to the return match in Hull.


Most Valuable Player

Awarded by the coaches the Most Valuable Player of the day goes to Addi Little for an outstanding pitching performance on the mound during game one, demonstrating grit and determination.

Well Done!

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